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weird uncut

What is the strangest album you own? In this celebration of the Weirdest Records of All Time, Uncut's valiant team have hunted down extraordinary albums. They range from canonical classics to neglected curios. 23 May Dogs however were far from the only animals deployed to help the war effort. In Part II WW1 Uncut reveals that in addition to dogs and the famous contribution made by horses the war also saw attempts to use a bizarre collection of animals and creatures including pigeons. 20 Mar See what North Korean TV is really like with an uncut hour of weird propaganda programming. It's painful to contemplate the relentless gauntlet of oppression and misery the citizens of North Korea have endured for decades now. The reign of autocratic terror hatched by Kim Il Sung, his son Kim Jong Il, and.

: Weird uncut

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The second-time lucky guitarist recalls a time when Roxy were still “weird amateurs”. UNCUT - - Archive - Phil Manzanera INTERVIEW: JIM WIRTH. YoU failed an audition to join Roxy Music when they hired Davy o'list, but became their sound engineer and got the job later. Why did you stick around? When I. 29 Sep It was announced yesterday that the American Genre Film Archive is hoping to do something special. The collective has gotten together to help preserve the morbidly prestigious titles from the SOMETHING WEIRD collection. To do so they have launched a kickstarter to purchase a 4K film scanner so they. 17 Jan The new issue of Uncut is out this Thursday, and features our capricious but hopefully mind-expanding list of truly weird records. You'll easily spot the cover – it's the psychedelic rendering of Captain Beefheart, very much the patron saint of this sort of thing. What, though, was the first weird record you. weird uncut